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NCP causes a bit of a stink

NCP the national multi-story carpark company has suggested they are thinking of combatting the offensive smell of urine in their stairwells by using automatic scent dispensers.

I am predicting that there will be a number of lawsuits from individuals who get an allergic reaction to whatever substance they choose to spray into the stairwells to mask the odour.

It seems to me that they have a couple of options that would be more effective

  1. Build carparks with toilet facilties on each floor
  2. Run a low voltage electric current under a the surface of a water porous gridded floor surface on the stairwells
    • Anyone walking over the dry surface would fine
    • Anyone walking on a wet surface with shoes on would be fine
    • Anyone walking barefoot should know better with all that urine about
    • Anyone taking a leak gets the voltage passed through the urine flow and gazzam! Instant deterrent… This seems like a great use for Pavlovian theory!