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It’s all Russian to me – no really!

I’ve just been exploring Google Analytics – a tool for creating useful and usable statistics for your website and what your visitors do if and when they get to it.

To be honest I’m not blown away by what it does because I have a tool that I bought 6 years ago which does the same thing using my downloaded server logs. It was even updated after I thought all updating had ceased so now includes the latest operating systems and browsers in the reports – 123loganalyzer.

Anyway after taking a look I navigated back to my Google account page and it was in Russian (of course not being fluent in Russian it could have been another cyrrillic language but I am taking a wild guess).

First thoughts were that perhaps Russia has decided to knock out our communications network by taking over Google and then I wondered whether I had inadvertently reset the default language. I logged out and logged back in and the language was set back to English.

So OK I might sound a little paranoid by cyberterrorism is set to be the new black in 2008.

Помните, что Вы услышали это здесь первый товарищ
(Remember you heard it here first comrade!)