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I’ve started so I’ll finish…

Despite my best intentions workload and family life got the better of me. I went independent in February of 2007 after working for the same person in various roles for about 7 years.

Inevitably the first couple of years of a new business require a great deal of effort and time. Things have gone well on the whole and despite the bleakness of the current financial landscape I feel very positive about what can be achieved.

Just for Nurses has continued to develop and grow and we have been able to give away over £1,800 worth of prizes to our members. The JFN Nursing Jobs Board continues to grow and we have had over 500 live jobs showing. (Thanks to Hayden and Colin at Brainhunter UK and the guys at Brainhunter Canada for great support.)

The Nursing Agencies List has gone from strength to strength, seeing over 5,000 unique visitors per week.

The SEO management has lead to 4 out of the 9 active sites gaining a PR5 in Google – so we must be doing something right!

There’s a lot more to do in 2009 – it’s looking like an exciting year!

Day 1 – Well everything has to start somewhere

The last month has been a busy month.

Whilst everyone was out spending the money that they didn’t have in anticipation of having even less in 2008 I have been beavering away.

The main event was the re-launch of the Just for Nurses website http://www.justfornurses.co.uk/.

The main new features include:

  • Nursing Jobs Board
  • Nursing Forums
  • Book Reviews
  • “After I Qualified…” informal careers information
  • Discounted Online Nursing courses
  • plus the chance to win one of 2 4GB Ipod Nanos or a free online training course

This appears to have gone pretty well and the visitor statistics are looking pretty healthy at this point.

There are lots of design and content issues to consider not least of which this is one of nine nursing websites that I manage – but more about that later.

Blogging is clearly a useful medium for spreading the word about what you do and if anyone chooses to find what I write interesting so much the better – but I can’t promise 😉