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AA – The yellow team have lost their way going green

I received new AA membership cards through the post today.

With the information came an offer to “Help the Environment” by recycling our old membership cards – by sending them back to the AA to recycle! I think the AA have lost the plot on several levels here:

  • The environmental impact of returning the cards to the AA will far outweigh the benefits of doing so!
  • Why issue a new card every year. Wouldn’t it have a far greater environmental impact to only renew a card when the old one needed replacing?

Although the card does appear to have a data strip on the back it has never been used in my 10 years as a member – I have had to call them out once or twice or 10 times. But if a bank can manage to only renew a credit card every 3-5 years why can’t the AA.

As an AA member for 10 years I think the AA do a great job and I am not looking to move to another service any time soon. I just think they have got this wrong and will be contacting them on Monday to share my thoughts.