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Corel reward loyal customers by charging them nearly double for an upgrade to Paintshop Pro x3 Ultimate

I have ended up with a lot of graphics software and often use an individual product for a particular feature. In the case of Paintshop Photo X3 Pro Ultimate I am buying it because it can handle the raw format of the pictures from my Fuji S200EXR – because Photoshop can’t!

Corel have a tendency to treat customers like idiots

One up to Corel. Of course then they shoot themselves in both feet by treating me like an idiot. They seem to think that sending me an email telling me that they were treating me as a loyal customer that I would believe that they were offering me the upgrade at a competitive price. At £49.99 it’s cheaper than their previous upgrade price of £59.99. Do they really not expect customers to feel unreasonably treated if they later discover that at the same time Amazon are selling the full boxed version with free delivery for £27.90

Unfortunately Corel are not the only graphics software company to treat users badly, Adobe being a case in point, but this really is a great way to alienate your “Loyal Customers”