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September saw the introduction of a new activity – the Wessex Care Silver Screen Wednesday!

Residents from Kimberly West and Holmwood attended a special Wednesday morning screening at the Salisbury Odeon, taking along snacks of crisps and chocolate bars. Many could not remember the last time they had been out to the movies and were excited about the trip.

The movie, title Churchill, which was set during the preparations for D-Day and the liberation of France, revealed the real man behind the public face of Sir Winston Churchill.

The residents said that, by showing how Mr Churchill had felt before the D-Day landings, the film had shed a new light on his character and demonstrated how courageous he was. Resident, Dorothy Sheath, said that, although it had brought back memories of the war, she had enjoyed the movie.

Back in their respective homes they told all their friends about the trip and, due to the interest generated, Wessex Care will now run a monthly Silver Screen trip for residents. #nsign007