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Corel reward loyal customers by charging them nearly double for an upgrade to Paintshop Pro x3 Ultimate

I have ended up with a lot of graphics software and often use an individual product for a particular feature. In the case of Paintshop Photo X3 Pro Ultimate I am buying it because it can handle the raw format of the pictures from my Fuji S200EXR – because Photoshop can’t!

Corel have a tendency to treat customers like idiots

One up to Corel. Of course then they shoot themselves in both feet by treating me like an idiot. They seem to think that sending me an email telling me that they were treating me as a loyal customer that I would believe that they were offering me the upgrade at a competitive price. At £49.99 it’s cheaper than their previous upgrade price of £59.99. Do they really not expect customers to feel unreasonably treated if they later discover that at the same time Amazon are selling the full boxed version with free delivery for £27.90

Unfortunately Corel are not the only graphics software company to treat users badly, Adobe being a case in point, but this really is a great way to alienate your “Loyal Customers”

Unsure about Esure but now happy with Direct Line!

I had been with Esure for 3 years and thought I could trust them to look after me. We had a couple of motor policies with me on my wife’s policy and vice versa. I am pretty lucky to have 9 years no claims bonus.

I have been unlucky this year in that I bought a new car for me and ended up having it damaged twice. On the first occasion, April, we had the road being prepared for being taken over by the council. The housebuilders had contracted workman to re-lay tarmac on pavement areas either side of my house and then they in turn contract a roadsweeper. The first contractors created a lot of tar dust and the roadsweeper flicked it up onto both our cars – aaarrggghhh.

I had paid for extra insurance so that I could persue out of pocket expenses but Esure lacked any sort of co-ordination or desire to sort out my claim and it was left to me to keep pushing and pushing. Eventually it got put in front of the solicitors who said there was no chance of winning the case until I actually showed him all of the evidence which he hadn’t been made aware of.

So 10 months down the line I am waiting on the court proceedings to move forward – but at least it is now out of Esure’s hands.

The second incident was a smack I got on the nearside front wing, where some kind person hit my car in a private carpark and decided to drive away without owning up. Unfortunately the carpark security camera was not up to much and so it was busy panning when it should have been zooming. So no help there.

When I got the renewals back for both our cars they seemed OK but then I realised they had omitted to add the accidents for both Tracey and I. Bear in mind that we are both with Esure and the claims had both been made through Esure! When I checked with them about this they said that they don’t automatically update details with the information that they have – doh! That would be just too efficient and I can see why the only person that will endorse Esure right now is Michael Winner! Don’t panic…. it only an overinflated premium for rubbish service, dear.

So as far as Esure are concerned that adds up to one claim and one possible no fault claim. So they wanted to add more than another £100 to both our car insurances for the crossover. I put my wife’s insurance up because of my claim and she put mine up because of her claim.

I felt like I was being poorly treated and that the service wasn’t engendering any feelings of loyalty so I gave Direct Line a call. The quotes they gave were actually £50 less, including all the accident information, than the original quotes from Esure without the accident information. It’s not rocket science so I cancelled the two policies with Esure in the cooling off period. Then to demonstrate how lax Esure are they didn’t even bother to ask why I was cancelling!

A lesson learnt about not assuming that because your record may not be perfect doesn’t mean that you don’t still have choice when it comes to insurance.