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The Financial Spirit of Christmas Past

Sometimes we make mistakes and get away with it and sometimes we make mistakes that everyone can see or that someone sees and tells lots over other people.

I get the Telegraph Perspective published by I like the telegraph editorial on the whole but the edition of Telegraph Perspective published on the 5th Decmber made me chuckle in these times of editorial doziness (lets not mention the BBC… Jonathan Ross & Russell Brand).

Part of the email was this:
Under the Personal Finance section
Christmas gifts that will keep on giving
Teresa Hunter says opening a bank account for a child or giving shares or bonds is far more practical than a present that will not last beyond the festive season.

“uumm Hello… not sure what planet you’re on, but if many shares maintained their value up to Christmas and beyond I would have been surprised.”

But still I’m not a financial genius as demonstrated by the catastrophic devaluation of my pension fund – so I guess I will be working until I am 105 just to pay of the interest on my mortgage!! At least the bank will have a nice inheritance to look forward too.