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Google inspires…

As you can see from the number of previous posts on this blog that I have not been prolific with my ramblings so far. Part of the reason for that has been the awful Blogger interface (provided by Google) and the fact that I wanted to run my blog from my own domain name. (Of course […]

March 6, 2010 · Nigel Freeney · No Comments
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Blogging Rules OK!

Prior to considering whether to start a blog or not I became aware of a couple of blogs written under pseudonyms. One was "NHS Blog Doctor" by Dr Crippen and the other was "Girl with a one track mind" by the girl. Both in their own way are contentious, thought provoking and very well written. […]

January 1, 2008 · Nigel Freeney · No Comments
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Day 1 – Well everything has to start somewhere

The last month has been a busy month. Whilst everyone was out spending the money that they didn’t have in anticipation of having even less in 2008 I have been beavering away. The main event was the re-launch of the Just for Nurses website The main new features include: Nursing Jobs Board Nursing Forums […]

December 30, 2007 · Nigel Freeney · No Comments
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