Blogging Rules OK!

Prior to considering whether to start a blog or not I became aware of a couple of blogs written under pseudonyms. One was "NHS Blog Doctor" by Dr Crippen and the other was "Girl with a one track mind" by the girl. Both in their own way are contentious, thought provoking and very well written. The main difference aside from subject matter is that Dr Crippen remains anonymous…… for the moment!

On the strength of this I decided that for this blog that I would write it as myself. This makes the blogging rules somewhat more straightforward.

  • Don’t write anything about anyone that you are not prepared to say to them directly
  • Expect that not everyone will agree with your point of view 😉
  • Write regularly but if you’ve got nothing to say be silent
  • Have opinions but don’t claim to be an expert on things you are not
  • Don’t take yourself to seriously

Happy New Year 2008!